Wood Decks – Decking Material

Wood Decks vs Composite Decking Material

Ever since composite decking material hit the market back in the 1990s, Homeowners and Contractors embraced the variety. Composite deck material quickly ran into some issues: it scratched easily, it sagged and it warped over time. So let’s do a side by side comparison and see how wood decks stack up against composite decking material.

Premier Decking

  • 1.25” thick - 25% thicker than most brands
  • 24” On Center
  • Takes any color stain and more
  • Sustainably forested

Composite Decking Material

  • 1” thickness
  • 16” On Center
  • Comes in pre-determined colors
  • Made from recycled plastic

Wood Decking Components

Premier deck lumber makes great deck flooring and wood railing. To complete the look of your new wood deck, and to visually tie-in the same pattern from your deck flooring, use Premier Decking to finish off your project.

Exterior railings, stairs, stair stingers and treads made from Premier Decking look great when paired with the same material used for your wood decking. Wood railing, especially when heat treated and pressure treated, will last just as long as your wood deck flooring.

5 Reasons We Are Feel Good Wood

  • Sustainably Forested
  • Feels Great Underfoot
  • Safely Harvested
  • Made in the USA
  • Locally-sourced and globally-exported