Deck Flooring – Dream Big

The Wistful Blue Sky Scenarios of a Dream Deck from Three Very Different People

We asked three non-deck owners to paint a picture of their dream decks for us. The sky’s the limit on their decking options, deck flooring, and the decking products they could use meaning their imaginations could run wild. Here’s what they reported back to us.

Couple #1

He’s 32 and in sales. She’s 31 and a hair dresser. One boy and one girl.

House size: 1225 sq. ft. one level, brick exterior.

Dream Deck: Our dream deck is multi-leveled so that there’s some sense of privacy if that’s possible while being outside and in the open. We see the main part coming off the back door and that’s where the kids can play and splash in the water. A lattice or some separator where Dad can grill in safety. Off the main deck you take three steps down to the dining table and of course there has to be a hammock.

Main Feature on Deck: We need a built in guard rail so the kids stay safe and a built-in water play area that can be swapped out for a fire pit or something else once they’re grown.

Main Use: Escape!

Deck Flooring: We both grew up in the country, so real wood decking for us.

Deck Options: LED lights . We want to be out there at night, so a little extra light makes the deck space more intimate and inviting.

Deck Products: Is a tree growing out of the middle of it a deck product? If not, we’d like rounded posts and caps – again for the kids’ safety and visual appeal.

Other wish list items: A sink with a small fridge. Not sure how that fridge will do in the rain and snow, but who cares?

Couple #2

He’s 54 and works in visual arts. She’s 51 and a restaurant manager. Two girls, both out of the house.

House size: 2725 sq. ft. two levels, stucco exterior.

Deck Size: Obscenely large so that it can be seen from space! We would love for it to wrap completely around the house, including the front door.

Main Feature on Deck: Lots of places to sit, lay down and be a porch swing potato.

Main Use: Sleeping and playing my ukulele.

Deck Flooring: Something we don’t have to worry about. I may be showing my age, but while I like the ease of composite, there’s something about the feel of it that doesn’t do it for us. Having a wood deck or wood deck flooring also reminds me of my Dad building ours himself out back and it has to be stained that red that screams back yard deck.

Deck Options: Shade. It gets hot where we live, so we need shade that’s portable but still won’t get blown away during a crazy storm. Cool lighting that is both light timed and manual so that it’s not on all night.

Deck Products: Cable wiring in the railings. We'd like a beer and wine tap.

Other wish list items: Someone to keep it clean. Oh, wait, what about an outdoor shower area. When we visit the beach, taking a shower outdoors is one of the fun things that seem to come with every rental. That’s about all we need for our outdoor deck living.

Couple #3

He’s 47 and a construction worker. She’s 48 and a court reporter. She also has a disability that requires handicapped access. No children. Three dogs. Big dogs.

House size: 2100 sq. ft. two levels, aluminum siding exterior.

Deck Size: Our neighbors have a deck that is shaped like a pentagon and it is just the coolest thing we’ve ever seen. So of course we can’t copy that, but we can go bigger, like an octagon!

Main Feature on Deck: Ramps to the sidewalk that wraps around the side of the house to the driveway. Since it will be an 8-sided deck, it would be cool if ramps sloped off every other side. Service ramps into and out of the sliding door that would lead out to it would be required.

Main Use: Grilling and eating outdoors. We live on a lake, well, it’s off in the distance but we can see it from out back. It’s just too far away to cast a line out but it’s close.

Deck Flooring: My concern is that it’s sturdy enough to give my wife a feeling of strength and confidence that it won’t wobble when as she moves across it.

Deck Options: Deck options would include lots of lights along the ramps and a cool center piece of some kind that draws your attention to the center of the octagon. Maybe a fountain but it would also have to be functional, if possible. So a chocolate fountain in the center.

Deck Products: Railing and ramps are key to us.

Other wish list items: Beside the chocolate fountain in the center, we would need a complete outdoor kitchen and most importantly a locked and sealed garbage can area. Wild animals will our main guests, and we don’t want to have to shoo them away after we lure them with the smell, or clean up after them.