Stain Your Deck Like a Pro

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August 14, 2017
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Stain Your Deck Like a Pro

Stain Your Deck Like a Pro

Maintaining a deck floor can be a pain, but it needs to be done. One of the tasks that a lot of homeowners do not know how to do or get overwhelmed doing is staining their deck. This short guide will explain the top four ways to stain your deck like a pro!

  1. Preparation is the key to a great looking deck

If you are going to go to all the work of staining your deck, you want to make sure it is done correctly. One of the most important pieces of information is to prepare thoroughly before starting to stain the deck. Verify that the deck has been cleaned well. Whether you have a brand new deck that has never been stained or an older deck that has been exposed to differing weather conditions, you must verify they are thoroughly cleansed before you stain. If you do not properly clean the area, the stain will not adhere to the wood, and it can prevent the stain from penetrating the pores of the wood planks.

  1. Rinse after cleaning

When preparing the deck for an overall staining, you will be using a multitude of chemicals to clean and brighten the wood. Each one can leave a residue if not properly cleaned well. Make sure you are rinsing the deck with plenty of water to clear the chemicals away from the wood. If you do not do this task, the chemicals will remain and can cause the stain to not properly adhere causing you to have moisture collect in the planks that can cause wood rot or termites. If you lack the rinsing of the chemicals from the deck, you will likely have to redo the whole process which can be not only timely but also costly.

  1. Learn the benefits of wood brighteners

One of the most overlooked cogs in the wheel of the staining process is the use of the wood brightener. A lumber brightener is an excellent product that will restore the appearance of an old weathered deck to that of a brand new shiny floor again. Wood brighteners work by allowing the pores better penetration and remove any chemical stain strippers that were used to restore your wood planks to their beautiful and original look. Since they are so simple to use (spray on and rinse off), make sure you make time for a wood brightener, it will literally brighten your day!

  1. Follow directions, take your time, and more is not always better

When staining your deck, after choosing Premier Decking wood planks to construct the deck flooring with, you will want to follow the directions of the selected stain very carefully. Not only is every product different, but you need to know the time to wait between coats, how many coats to apply, and how long to wait after cleaning. Don’t believe the old adage that more is better. When it comes to deck stains, more is not better. Stain allows the wood planks to breathe and if you apply too many coats, a film will occur, and the wood will not breathe. This will cause peeling to occur, and the whole process will need to be repeated.

As you can see, there is a lot of effort and work that goes into staining a deck. If you follow our advice on the top four ways to stain your deck like a pro, you will have a long-lasting deck that will be the envy of all your neighbors!

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