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June 22, 2017
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July 24, 2017

Let’s Talk Deck Access for Wood Deck

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Wood Deck access is rarely mentioned, but it is one of the most important factors to consider when building a deck. In this short guide, you will be informed of the top five considerations to take into account for deck access when adding a deck to your existing home or building a new home with a wood floor.

  1. From the kitchen

The most crucial decision when planning for a deck is to know how you will be using your deck. This way you can set it up correctly whether it is for living space, extra cooking space, dining, a retreat from the master bedroom, pool access, or a hot tub. Most people like to have access from the kitchen to the grilling station. You can easily access any utensils, marinades, or other forgotten items when grilling a steak to perfection. Make sure to keep the access from the kitchen and back in simple, especially if you have your hands full with grilled meat and vegetables.

  1. As an extra dining room

Another common access point for a wood deck is from the dining room. People like to sit and have a meal together and what better way to do so than to sit out on the deck at a picnic table or other outdoor dining set. You wouldn’t have to walk much farther and having access to the wood deck through the dining room allows you to have a buffet style set-up for the food in the indoor dining room for easy access to the outdoor wood deck.

  1. To the backyard

Another access point for the wood deck is to go out into the backyard. Some wood decks open only to the house. Make sure you install your deck with Premier Decking Wood planks for quality deck flooring and add stairs to the backyard. There will be many times you will want to access the backyard from the deck, depending if you are closer to the deck than the front door, to go outside. It also adds another exit in case of a fire.

  1. From the master bedroom

One lovely way to enjoy your new Premier Decking Wood deck is a master bedroom retreat. How nice to be able to have indoor/outdoor living with wine and soft music inside and the ability to go onto the deck to enjoy the starry night or enter the hot tub that awaits you. Taking time for yourself to enjoy your new deck addition is great therapy and can be very healthy for your relationship.

  1. To the pool

Wood Deck access definitely has to be available for the swimming pool if you have kids. Make sure that your deck access goes into an area without carpet for easy cleanup. A lot of wood floor owners will use the kitchen as an access point as it has tile or linoleum which is ideal for wet feet. Always make sure you are available to watch the kids when they are in the pool. No one, even adults, should swim alone!

As you can see, there are multiple considerations to take into account when choosing access to the deck. You need to be aware of what you will be using the deck for and how often. If you follow our advice on the top five considerations to consider when choosing deck access, your deck will be available to everyone at all times!

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