5 Deck Trends to Inspire You this Spring

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April 17, 2017
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5 Deck Trends to Inspire You this Spring

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5 Deck Trends to Inspire You this Spring

With the arrival of spring comes the excitement to use the deck for indoor-outdoor living. They only problem with this is you cannot possibly bring a bunch of indoor living ways to the outdoors, or can you? In this short guide, you will be informed of the top five deck trends that will inspire you this spring!

  1. Be Colorful

One deck trend that is inspiring all types of individuals this spring is to be colorful. Make sure to add color to your deck in whatever way you can. It can be as simple as adding some colored throw pillows to your deck furniture or as convoluted as making a statement by painting each baluster a different hue. Color allows us to be individualistic and by adding color to your outdoor living, you are opening yourself up to the warmth and freeing spirit that is you! One idea for a railing that is really taking off is the addition of a cocktail rail. This rail provides a flat surface for guests to place drinks and plates. Color each one a different hue for patrons to remember which drink is theirs!

  1. Be Innovative

Say goodbye to the days of a tube TV pulled out onto the deck from the living room. Say hello to advancements in technology including high definition big screen televisions made for the great outdoors. Not only are they built to withstand humidity, lighting, and acoustics, but they also have eliminated frustrating power cords and replaced them with wireless options.

  1. Add Lighting for Function & Fun

Another deck trend that is both fun and functional is to add lighting to the deck. Not just any lighting, but bright, innovative lighting. Gone are the days of the corner spotlights. Trending now is recessed deck lights, inserted directly into Premier Decking wood planks found at Lowe’s stores. You can also add path lights that will brighten the walkway of the deck and the garden path. Lastly, riser lights can be added to deck stairs to make the stairs well-lit for those late night escapes to the outdoors via the deck.

  1. Be a Culinary Mastermind

A yummy deck trend to inspire you this spring is the installation of a kitchen area for the outdoor chef on your deck. Not only will you be a grill master, but by having a marble or granite countertop to cut and ready foods as well as a small sink and burners with plenty of storage components, you have essentially brought the kitchen outside. Enjoy the wind whipping through your hair as you cook up a delightful meal as a culinary mastermind!

  1. Maintenance Friendly

Lastly, make sure to choose materials for your deck that is deck friendly. One of the best decking materials you can choose for flooring is Premier Decking wood planks exclusively from Lowe’s. Not only are they guaranteed, but they are also stylish and of sound quality!

As you can see, this spring brings excitement and possibility to the deck world. Now you can have your technology outdoors to enjoy anytime you want. If you follow our advice on the top five deck trends to inspire you this spring, you will be jumping at the chance to add all these features to your outdoor deck!


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