5 Tips to Prepare Your Deck for Spring

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5 Tips to Prepare Your Deck for Spring

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5 Tips to Prepare Your Deck for Spring

Who doesn’t enjoy the arrival of spring? With warmer temperatures you can open the windows, the sun stays up longer, and the kids can play outside. Another benefit of the arrival of summer is to be able to use the deck once again. This short guide will inform you of the top five tips to prepare your deck for spring use.

  1. Inspection

As spring arrives and the flowers start to bloom, you are going to want to take notice of your available deck area. The best way to do this is to inspect your deck wood by looking at all the planks as well as the stain and seal. Frigid temperatures and ice can be hard on your wood deck, so you are going to want to take a close look at the entire decking material to make sure it survived the winter. If it has some damage, you are going to want to look to Lowe’s Premier Decking wood planks to replace your current decaying floor. Premier Decking wood planks can be found exclusively at Lowe’s and harbor a warranty as well as style and quality.

  1. Cleaning

The next step in getting your Lowe’s deck ready for spring is to clean the wood deck. Grime, dirt, debris and plant material can build up over the cold and lengthy winter, so the best way to remedy this is by cleaning your outdoor decking. First of all, sweep any dirt, debris, or leaves off the decking material. This will allow you to see the extent of cleaning that needs to be done as well as if the deck needs to be stained or sealed before spring use. Next, use a garden hose to spray down the deck with water. For stuck-on grime, use warm soap and water to scrub off long-standing debris from your flooring.

  1. Repairing

If you notice wood rot or soft wood on any part of your deck planks, it is best to repair them with new Premier Decking wood planks from Lowe’s. The last thing you want is a friend or relative to step in a soft spot and have their foot go through your deck flooring. Not only will that cost you money to renovate, but your loved one could be seriously injured.

  1. Sealing

After you have cleaned your deck of dirt, grime, plant debris, and any other winter inconveniences, you can now start the process of sealing your deck before its use this spring. If your deck requires a sealer, there are many options in which to choose. A clear and wood-toned sealer will bring out the natural wood grain and color. Semi-transparent deck sealers show the grain, but change the tone of your wood to your color of choice. Make sure to replace any wood rot areas with Lowe’s Premier Decking wood planks before starting any staining or sealing processes.

  1. Accessories

The last suggestion to prepare your deck for spring is to add some accessories. Updating your old lighting to a new, brighter version that is more economical can save you a bunch of money as well as giving your deck a new look. Add some potted plants or planters boxes to showcase colorful flowers. Lastly, you can add new deck furniture or a fire pit. If you elect to add a fire pit, make sure safety is your number one concern. Inspect the wood where you will place the fire pit and replace any damaged wood with Premier Decking wood planks exclusively found at Lowe’s.

As you can see, spring brings a multitude of benefits, one being the use of the deck. If you follow our advice on the top five tips to prepare your deck for spring, you will have the best looking deck in the neighborhood and will be able to get plenty of use from it during the spring and summer seasons!

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