How to Create Comfort Zones on your Deck

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March 13, 2017
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How to Create Comfort Zones on your Deck

How to Create Comfort Zones on your Deck

A deck that was built from Premier Decking wood available at Lowe’s is a perfect place to hold family get-togethers and parties for friends and neighbors. Since most decks are large, it can have many uses including eating, socializing, playing games, and relaxing. This short guide will inform you how to create comfort zones for your deck.

  1. Include your favorite hobbies

The best way to create a comfort zone on your new deck is to include a place for your favorite hobby. Hobbies such as drawing, photography, music, and reading can all be incorporated onto your lovely new Premier Decking wood deck. Make sure to include sketch pads and pencils at a desk type area in the corner for an artist. A sheet music stand and a musical instrument can be available for the inspiring musician. Lastly, a few good books and a bookmark with a pillow can be laid out for the reader.

  1. Add in lighting

Lighting is very dramatic and can make your deck a special, intimate area or a bright, inspiring place. Hang some string lights to give your new deck a fun and colorful look. Motion lights will allow you to view the stars at night and will only illuminate if movement is noticed.

  1. Create a space for relaxing

After a long, hard day on the job, all you want to do is come home and relax. What better place than on the deck. Make a cozy area with pillows, blankets, light music, and dim lights. You can add in some wine or beer and for a non-drinker, a cup of tea would be lovely.

  1. Add in an area for socializing

One sure way to create a comfort zone is to add in space for socializing. Make sure it is in a zone that is close to both the kitchen and the bathroom. This way guests feel comfortable enough to slip into the house and use the restroom or grab another beer from the fridge.

  1. Have an area for food

What better way to bring everyone together and create a comfort zone on your Premier Decking wood deck than with food? Have a dedicated place for the grill and outdoor cook stove as well as a dining table with chairs, so everyone has a place to sit and eat the wonderful food you have cooked up on your new grill.

  1. Use accessories and structures

One of the easiest ways to create comfort zones on your deck is through the use of structures and accessories. Structures such as trellises, pergolas, and large potted plants can actually add a relaxing dimension to your deck. Accessories such as throw pillows, lighting, and music can create a softer, more mellow zone for family members.

  1. Include a kid-friendly area with games

The last way to create comfort zones on your new Premier Decking wood deck is to include a kid-friendly zone. Make sure you have an area where kids can play games such as corn hole or board games such as Sorry or Battleship. Not only will they stay out of your way, but they will also feel comfortable in the area that was designated just for them.

As you can see, a deck can have a multitude of uses. If you follow our advice on the top seven ways to create comfort zones on your new Lowe’s Premier Decking wood deck, you will be the go-to place for neighborhood parties due to your comfortable and inviting deck.

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