How to Build a Deck

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How to Build a Deck

how to build a deck

How to Build a Deck

Building a deck can be a costly undertaking especially when you have no idea on which equipment to use as well as the methodology. When you consider how to build a deck, there are some tools you will need, not to mention the materials.

Project Preparation

Note: Before you can undertake the how to build a deck project, ensure that such a project is not prohibited by your homeowners association or local authorities. Before you start, run your deck plans by such bodies in order to get a go-ahead.

Also, remember to wear protective gear such as safety glasses.

Tools for How to Build a Deck

  1. Shovel
  2. Level
  3. Power Auger
  4. Hammer
  5. Tape Measure
  6. Power Drill
  7. Quick Clamps
  8. Power Planer

The Materials

  1. Concrete Forms
  2. Composite Decking
  3. Concrete
  4. Redwood pieces
  5. Wooden stakes
  6. A string
  7. Pressure-treated lumber
  8. Spray paint


Using the string and a wood stake, measure the ground you wanted to be covered by the deck. The strings will help you center the deck dimensions as well as form a visual representation of how the finished deck will look like.

Measurements and Markings

Using the spray paint and brightly colored flags, make markings on the ground where the four corners will be as well as the midpoints. Marking also allows you to mark where the eight concrete support posts (caisson) will go.


Using a power auger, drill 8 15-inch holes into the ground on the areas marked as described above. Use the Posthole digger to remove the dirt in the holes drilled.

Concrete Placement

Place the cardboard caisson tube up to the level of the strings used in the first step. These cardboard caissons act as concrete forms. Fill the cardboard caissons with concrete to the brim. Affix a J-bolt onto each caisson which will be used to hold down the deck. Leave the concrete slab to cure for about 2 days.

Deck Frame

Begin the deck frame by screwing the red wood and the treated lumber together. This improves the structural integrity of your deck. Use these attached beams to make the deck frame, that is, the center beam and the deck frame.

Frame Completion

This step involves finishing the frame using steel joist hangers places at a 16-inch interval. Nail the treated joists and secure them using the joist hangers.

Deck Material Installation

After you have affixed all the joists in place, place the deck material with an allowance of ¼ inches. Secure the composite deck to the underlying joists using composite deck screws.

If you would rather have experts take on your how to build a deck project, feel free to contact our deck experts. Using hi-tech tools and equipment as well as years of experience, we have worked with homeowners to build structurally-sound, beautiful decks.

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