How to Remove Snow and Ice From your Deck

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How to Remove Snow and Ice From your Deck

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With the arrival of winter, a couple of months back, it can be hard on a wood deck to keep heavy snow and ice on it for extended periods of time. The best wood to use when constructing a deck to avoid problematic winters is the Premier decking wood from Lowe’s. If your deck was not built with Premier decking materials, do not despair. This short article on the top five ways to remove snow and ice from your deck will keep you and your deck safe over the winter months.

  1. Use a good PLASTIC shovel

One of the most critical pieces of information to be aware of when you are cleaning a wood deck and wood decking materials is to use a plastic shovel rather than a metal shovel. A metal shovel can nick, scrape, or gouge your Premier decking. It can leave scars that can turn into wood rot as the gouge can cause moisture to seep into the deck over time. Always use a plastic shovel on your wood deck.

  1. Use ice melt or salt rather than sand

Sand can be harsh on decks of all kinds. Since it is naturally abrasive, it can damage deck planks both aesthetically as well as causing physical damage which allows moisture to enter and cause wood rot which then has to be replaced. The best solution is to use ice melt which will melt the excess snow and ice without damaging your wood planks. Confirm that the ice melt is safe for all types of surfaces, especially wood decks and also verify that the ice melt is safe for kids and pets.

  1. Scoop/remove snow parallel to your deck planks

Another crucial part of knowing how to remove snow and ice correctly from your deck is to scoop or brush the snow parallel to your wood planks. You want to go with the length of the boards rather than against them to avoid catching an end of a plank and chipping or causing damage to the plank from scooping in the wrong direction. It is also imperative not to use an ice pick or an ice chipper on your wood deck to avoid damaging the wood.

  1. Remove the snow and ice immediately

One way to keep your job of snow removal easier is by eliminating the snow quickly. By doing so, it does not have time to build up and cause strain on your planks. It also keeps the job from becoming too large and overwhelming.

  1. Use a leaf blower for small dustings of snow

The last tip on how to remove snow and ice from your wood decking materials is to use a leaf blower for snow dustings. This way, nothing has to touch or scrape your wood deck so you can avoid damage and possible exposure to moisture and subsequent wood rot of your beautiful wood deck.

As you can see, winter can cause quite a rough time for your wood deck. If you used Premier decking from Lowe’s when you built your deck, you have a strong and reliable deck that can handle harsh winters; but I would recommend following the above ways to keep your deck in tip-top shape and ready for spring.  If you follow our advice on the top five ways to remove snow and ice from your deck, you will be thrilled with the results and have a beautiful deck for years to come!