Why Wood is the Best Decking Material

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Why Wood is the Best Decking Material

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Installing a new deck can be both an exciting and challenging time. Decks can be constructed out of a variety of materials, but wood is and always will be the best decking material to use for your new deck. This short guide will explain why wood is the best decking material.

  1. Good value

Wood is a great value when it comes to constructing a deck, especially if you use premier decking wood that is only available at Lowe’s. Wood is much cheaper than its rival decking products. This is because it is readily available from coast-to-coast in all area Lowe’s stores.

  1. Ideal for custom work

Wood is a terrific choice for a deck because it is so readily accessible and it is very easy to use. Wood, especially Premier decking wood from Lowe’s, is simple to cut, and fasten with nails or screws. When it comes to custom work, there is not a better choice than a patterned wood. This type of wood can be found at Lowe’s all over the nation and gives your decking a one-of-a-kind look. Premier decking wood is not only twenty-five percent thicker, but it is also slip resistant.

  1. Easy maintenance

Decking products, such as lumber, allow for easy maintenance to keep your deck looking fresh and new throughout its lifespan. If you use grooved wood from the Premier decking wood line only available at Lowe’s, you will reduce the amount of cupping and cracking that occurs. Premier wood will provide you with up to eight years of no cupping and cracking. The combination of grooved and patterned wood from the Premier line both protects and extends the amount of time you will have that new deck look!

  1. Does not absorb heat

Wood does not absorb as much heat as other decking materials, so it is much safer to walk across barefoot when you are out in the bright, hot sun. It is recommended to use wood in hot and humid climates as it weathers quite well. Just remember, the lighter the color of timber, the less heat it holds, so choose your color wisely if you live in a hot area.

  1. Aesthetics

Wood is one of the best decking products because it is appealing to everyone. The new Premier decking wood from Lowe’s has both patterns and grooves for a unique look. If you don’t like patterned wood, Premier wood can easily be stained any color you choose; the only caveat is to wait sixty days after installation to let the wood settle and breathe before staining. Lastly, a limited lifetime warranty will protect your new Premier wood from any rot or decay and especially, against any wood ingesting insects that could damage the beauty of your new deck.

As you can see, wood is the best decking material you can use to construct your new deck. Not only is it affordable and easy to maintain, but it has an appealing look that gives your new deck a distinctive appearance that no one else in the neighborhood has. By following our advice on using wood to construct your new or add-on deck, specifically Premier decking wood sold exclusively at Lowe’s, you will have a beautiful deck that will last for many years to come!