How to Incorporate Lighting into Your Deck

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November 17, 2016
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December 9, 2016

How to Incorporate Lighting into Your Deck

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You are in the process of building a new wood deck, which is an exciting time. You will be using your wood deck for many things, and one of them is to read outdoors at night. To accomplish this, you need to install lighting to your outdoor decking. But what kind and how bright do you need them? You will be informed of the answers to many questions like this in our short guide on how to incorporate lighting into your deck.

  1. Accent Lights

Some deck owners want lights that will make their wood deck look pretty in the evening, but also add function to their deck when using it at night or walking across it in the dark. To do this, you can add a few string of lights that will add your own style and flair while still lighting up the outdoor decking. If the lights are solar, that is even better because they can charge all day and be on all night long.

  1. Safety & Deck Lighting

One clever way to light up your deck is to use deck lighting. With this type of lighting, you put lights on your decking wood posts. Ambient lighting will not only offer a way to see, but it will also show the location of the wood railing. To do this, make the posts from Premier decking wood from Lowe’s, so there is a hollow area inside the post. Have an electrician run low-voltage wiring through the empty part of the post to the light fixture which sits on the post just below the wood railing. You now have light as well as safety, and it looks good too!

  1. Motion Lights

Motion lights are an excellent way to incorporate lighting into your outdoor decking. Motion lights stay off until motion is detected. If no one is outside on the deck, there will be no lighting available. As you walk outside onto the deck, the motion lights come on as they detect motion. They will brighten the way for you and turn off a few minutes after you walked by.

Another great reason to incorporate these types of lights into your deck is to prevent burglary. If someone or something is on or near your deck, you will know because the sensors will turn on. It is an excellent way to deter criminals and keep your family safe.

  1. Landscape Lighting

If you like to showcase items, landscape lighting may be for you. Exterior landscaping lighting includes uplighting for trees as well as lights for the wood railing, which allows you the beauty of your landscaping, trees, bushes, and flowers to be viewed at night, as well as the safety to move about the deck in a calm and carefree manner.

  1. Cool Lighting, Literally!

If you have a covered deck, it is quite easy to bring lighting and a cool breeze onto the deck. You can install a ceiling fan with a light and run the wires through the roof. If you have an open pergola, the wires can be run on top of or alongside the frame. You can then paint the wires the same color as the wood without anyone noticing their presence. This option will not only bring in a bright light source, but it will keep you cool on those hot summer evenings!

As you can see, there are many types of lights that you could incorporate into your deck. You need to find the style, brightness, and budget you want to spend and just do it. If you follow our tips and tricks on how to incorporate lighting into your deck, you will be reading outside at night on your new deck in no time!