3 Design Ideas to Inspire Your Dream Deck

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3 Design Ideas to Inspire Your Dream Deck

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Everybody has the vision of their dream house, but you can also have a vision of your dream deck. You can make it any way you want it to suit your needs, and if you use Premier decking wood from Lowe’s, your deck flooring will be a beauty for your dream deck. In this short guide, you will be informed of three design ideas to inspire your dream deck.

  1. Add a fire pit

What is one feature that most everyone wants when they are sitting on their outdoor decking? A fire pit of course! Bringing the blaze to your deck is a great way to incorporate heat, light, and fun while crafting a safe area on the wood deck. It is critical to make sure the fire pit you purchase is a gas fire pit as a correctly installed gas-fueled fire pit does not produce sparks that could ignite your deck flooring or other nearby surfaces.

If you choose to go with an open flame pit, make sure you use a screen. It will keep the fire from emitting jumping sparks. If you do install a wood-burning fire pit on your dream deck, make sure you supervise it while it is burning at all times, and especially if children are present. The kids will enjoy roasting marshmallows on a chilly night and it will be the perfect instance to make memories with them.

  1. Install a water feature

Another grand design idea to add to your dream deck is to install a water feature. This could be a fountain, a waterfall, a water wall, or a small pond. Your wood deck, if it is constructed with Premier decking wood from Lowe’s, will be safe for any type of water feature you choose. It will be slip resistant and can be stained any color to match the water feature décor. The outdoor decking will give a relaxed and soothing feel as you listen to the water free-flow over the water wall or while you gaze at the mesmerizing waterfall.

  1. Add a full kitchen

A dream deck would be remiss if it didn’t have a full outdoor kitchen! Now you can bring the indoors outside by having all the needed luxuries of your functional kitchen. Your outdoor decking will need to be a large area to accommodate the family-style cook space. With a full sink, gas burners, and an island, your dream deck kitchen will be magnificent. Clean-up will be a breeze with Premier decking wood from Lowe’s, and the deck flooring will be beautiful when stained a color to match the stone grilling station.

You will also need an additional seating area other than the island that is attached to the barbecue. With a dream deck design addition such as a full kitchen, you will need more seating on your wood deck for all the family members and friends who are going to hang out at your place on your deck. You will be hosting more and more events and will be the life of the party as well as the master chef!

As you can see, there are many design ideas you can incorporate into your deck to make it the dream deck you always wanted. By following our advice on three design ideas to inspire your dream deck, you will have the best looking and most functional deck in your neighborhood, and all your friends will envy you!