Why your Deck should be Constructed with Premier Decking

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October 12, 2016
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Why your Deck should be Constructed with Premier Decking

A deck is a deck, right? Aren’t they all the same? A deck is definitely not just any deck, and they are not all the same! Decks and outdoor living spaces can be very different. This short guide will inform you why your deck should be constructed with premier decking rather than anything else.

  1. It has substance

Premier decking is the feel good wood. It is not a composite decking material, but it wears and acts like composite. It is sustainably forested, naturally beautiful, and uniquely patterned. It is thicker than most wood by a quarter which makes it feel sturdy and stable under your feet. When you are buying deck supplies, you want a material that will function but still look great. You also want it to stand the test of time. Premier decking, found at Lowe’s, can do all of the above and more!

  1. It has style

Premier decking looks and feels better than other deck building materials. It is patterned with a distinctive and practical look. It gives your deck building materials as well as your outdoor decking products a one of a kind look. You will get many compliments on the style of your wood deck, which is just as good as or better than composite decking material, and even wears like composite! Your deck will have style and grace that will outperform any regular wood decks. Outdoor decking will never be the same!!

  1. It has quality

Premier decking has excellent quality. It is twenty-five percent thicker than other decking products or deck building materials. At 1.25 inches, that is a difference you will feel for years to come. It is of high quality, and it is twenty-four inches on center. This is important because it saves you money as there is less framing and deck material to purchase.

Premier decking is also slip resistant which a fantastic feature when you live in a rainy or snowy area. The grooved and patterned surface gives added protection from falls and offers more traction than standard wood decks. Premier decking also keeps your deck looking new. It does this due to a combination of pattern and grooves that protects and extends that new deck look for years to come!

  1. It has a limited lifetime warranty

Premier decking is a great route to go for your deck material and decking products because it also has a limited lifetime warranty. The warranty protects against rot, decay, and wood ingesting insects. The grooved pattern of the deck material gives the wood deck a distinctive look and protects everyone from slips. The grooved planks of the premier decking are designed to reduce cupping and checking, allowing for up to eight years of no checking or cracking. Premier decking outperforms composite decking material every time!

As you can see, a deck is not just a deck. A deck has to be built correctly with the right materials to be a great deck, and that is what premier decking does for you. Now that you know the intricacies of the decking world make sure to update your current deck or make your next newly built deck a wood deck with premier decking.