5 Safety Tips for Your Deck Pit or Fireplace

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August 31, 2016
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September 14, 2016

5 Safety Tips for Your Deck Pit or Fireplace

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Fall is right around the corner, and you know what that means? It means the cold, crisp autumn air will be hanging around at night making your evenings out on the deck a little chilly. No one wants to sit on a deck cold, so it is time to get out the deck pit or fire pit. With using anything fire-related though, comes safety. In this short guide, you will learn the five safety tips for your deck pit or fireplace.

  1. Don’t Burn on a Windy Night

One of the most important things to watch for when you are going to use decking materials such as a deck fire pit is to look at the weather. If you know a storm is rolling in, or it will be a windy night, it may not be the best idea to be on wood decks. Wood decks are more prone to smolder and burn if a hot ember makes contact with the decking materials. If you have a transportable fire pit, be kind to your decking materials by moving the fire pit off wood decks. You will still be comfortable, and your Lowe’s deck will love you for it.

  1. Watch for Sparks

Just as mentioned in the last point, a hot ember that sparks from your fire pit could ignite your entire deck lumber and deck flooring into a blazing flame. If that is the case, immediately put out the small fire with a bucket of water or a fire extinguisher that you have handy. Once the boards of the decking products have cooled, check to see what damage has occurred. If you need to replace a plank or the entire deck, make sure to use premier deck wood that can only be found at Lowe’s for your new Lowe’s deck. Premier deck wood has both style and substance. You will be so glad that you did!

  1. Have a Fire Extinguisher Available

You do not have to have a fire extinguisher on your Lowe’s deck, but have something that could put out a smoldering ember or a small fire. A bucket of water, a wet towel, or any other fire-ridding material. The last thing you want is a fire harming your deck lumber of your deck flooring. If you do end up with a blemish to your decking products, make sure to go to Lowe’s for their premier deck wood which can be purchased in all Lowe’s stores.

  1. Be Aware of Location

The location is a critical safety point because you do not want anything flammable next to your fire pit, and you want to be at least ten feet away from the house when using your fire pit. This is especially important if it has been dry with no rain for a few days or weeks. Your deck lumber and deck flooring could be at risk of having a spark from a log or a piece of paper fly out of the fire pit and land on your decking products, such as lounging chairs, end tables, pillows, or the deck itself. Make sure you have your fire pit positioned away from anything flammable and at least ten feet from the house minimum.

  1. Safety Standards

Another safety tip you want to consider when it comes to fire pit safety is to have safety standards. Safety standards include preventative measures to avoid incidents or fires from occurring. It is imperative you get a mesh screen fire pit cover to keep sparks inside the pit, and especially if someone threw in some loose papers to burn. Smoldering papers can easily be caught by the wind and, unfortunately, end up on a neighbor’s roof. Another important safety standard is to make sure if you are using an upright fire pit such as a chiminea, that it has sturdy legs in place. Avoid it leaning to one side, falling, and causing a fire. Also, never use water to put out hot embers in a chiminea; the temperature difference can cause cracking and damage to the unit.

Since autumn is right around the corner, it is crucial to start thinking about fire safety when using a deck pit, fire pit, or outdoor fireplace. By following our advice on the five safety tips for your deck pit or fireplace, you will be toasty warm and safe with your friends on an upcoming fall evening!