5 Things to Consider When Selecting a Deck Railing

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September 8, 2016
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5 Things to Consider When Selecting a Deck Railing

You are adding decking onto your house, how exciting! There are a few things you need to take into account when planning this massive undertaking. This short guide will inform you of the five considerations when choosing your deck railing.

  1. Safety

The most important piece of information when learning how to build a deck and how to build a deck railing is safety. Railings are crucial to your decking. They are primarily attached as a safety measure, so family and friends do not fall from the height difference between the deck and the ground, but they are made to look good as well. When learning how to build a deck and how to build a deck railing, you need to know what the local building code is. You want to make sure you follow it perfectly, so you have the peace of mind knowing you are up to code, but also to avoid resale headaches when selling your house in the future. You can contact your local building department for the required railing height as well as the spacing between the balusters of your decking.

  1. Type of Material

Another critical piece of information when learning how to build a deck and how to build a deck railing is the kind of material you want to use. Do you want a wood railing or a composite decking material? Have you considered Trex decking? Trex decking and railings are an alternative to the standard wood decking and wood railing options. Trex decking and railings do not require any re-painting or re-staining. It is made sturdy and does not rot, splinter, or crack. Trex decking and railings can be found at your neighborhood Lowe’s for your convenience. Composite decking material consists of a combination of wood and synthetic plastics. Composite decking material is ideal for long-term use because they require very little, or zero maintenance and the products come in excellent colors and textures. There is a lot to consider when you are choosing your deck railing material.

  1. Aesthetics

Speaking of color, that is another crucial consideration when choosing your deck railing. It is important to know that not all railings or decking material come in all colors. You could choose colors that contrast or closely match other features of your home to give it its own style. Another tidbit is to keep in mind a darker railing will give a clearer view. If you do decide on a black metal or wood railing, make sure it is kept out of the sun. Darker colors attract the sun and keep their heat within the railing and on a hot day, it could potentially cause a hand burn on yourself or a loved one.  Lastly, take into consideration how close to the coast you will be. Proximity to salt water and salty air can damage metal and wood railings as well as other decking material. It is imperative you research this aspect if you are going to be living or do live in a coastal area.

  1. Style

The style and architecture of your deck railing is one of the most important choices you will make when planning and building your deck. The railing will be looked upon and noticed from close by as well as from far away. You want to choose a color, style, and appropriate size to match the design and look of the house you own. Your railing and decking material will have a profound effect on the appearance of your deck as well as your home. You want the deck and railing to complement the features of your house for yourself as well as the resale value.

  1. Budget & Timeframe

The last consideration when choosing your deck railing is your budget and timeframe. Decking material and railings can get expensive depending on all the factors mentioned above. By taking color, style, size, code, and content type into consideration, your deck and railing could become more than you had budgeted. Make sure you do some research to ensure you are sticking to your outdoor allowance. The other concern you need to be aware of is time. Sometimes railing and decking materials are on back order or do not arrive in on time. It also makes a difference if you are doing your decking project in the spring or the fall as more materials are generally available in the spring.

As you can see, adding a deck and railing onto your home is a large undertaking but so very worthwhile. If you follow the advice provided on the five considerations when choosing your deck railing, you will have the fanciest and most appealing deck and deck railing in your neighborhood!