How To Build A Deck

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August 12, 2016
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August 25, 2016

How To Build A Deck

how to build a deck

If budget is a concern, you have the time and you’re handy with tools and home improvement projects, building your deck could be your next big Do-It-Yourself project.


Before we share our tips on how to build a deck, ensure that you have a deck design in mind, you’ve already decided on the decking material, and you have a plan for your deck build. Now all you need to do is get your decking supplies and gather up some willing friends and relatives to help you out!


Here are our 5 tips on how to build a deck:


  1. Begin with the footing

One of the most important decking products you need is the footing. The footing is what creates the base for your deck and it is crucial that you get it right. Use your plan for your deck build as the basis for what type of footing to use, how many you need, and where you need to place them. This can be a very technical issue so, if you are in doubt, seek professional advice.


  1. Lay the frame for your deck

Once your footings are secured, use the decking material you selected to lay out the exterior frame for your deck. When doing this, be sure to check that your frame is level and that your measurements are accurate and taken diagonally. When the exterior frame is set, install the interior support decking material. Other deck supplies you will need at this stage is deck screws. Make sure they’re secured tightly!


  1. Lay out the top decking boards

At this point, your deck should be taking shape! The footings and frame for your deck form the skeleton of your deck and you can start building on top of it. It’s now time to lay the top decking boards.

Having more pairs of hands at this stage can be very helpful as decking material can be heavy and cumbersome to maneuver. We recommend laying the decking board in the opposite direction from your interior support in order to strengthen your deck. Once again, keep those deck screws handy!


  1. Check to make sure the deck is safe

Footings. Frame. Top decking boards. Once those three elements are installed, your deck is essentially ready! But in the interests of keeping your loved ones safe, we recommend doing one last safety check. Make sure your footings are secure and set into the ground, the frame and support beams tightly screwed, the decking supplies you’ve used are correct for your deck design and the top decking boards correctly installed. You may also want to trim any rough or sharp edges in the decking material.


  1. Time to make it pretty!

Now comes the fun part – creating a cozy and comfortable atmosphere on your deck. You can look into adding landscaping, outdoor furniture and other personal touches to make your deck uniquely your own!

We hope our tips on how to build a deck are useful! It can be a fun family endeavor to build your own deck, and afterwards you can happily enjoy the fruits of your labor. But if you find that the process is too tedious for you, simply contact us at Jordan Lumber and we’ll be pleased to help you bring your dream deck to life!