How To Build A Deck Railing

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July 29, 2016
how to build a deck
How To Build A Deck
August 19, 2016

How To Build A Deck Railing

Your deck flooring is complete, and while you’re happy with the way it has turned out, it still feels like something is missing. Perhaps what you need to finish off your deck is a deck railing.

Deck railing can add more beauty and style to your deck, but it is also an excellent safety feature. If you plan on spending a lot of time outdoors on your deck or you have small children, we would highly recommend having a deck railing.

Here’s a simple overview on how to build a deck railing, including the decking supplies you need and instructions what to do:

1) Get support posts and customize their height
To build your deck railing, you will need more decking supplies. Get deck support posts that will act as the frame of your deck railing. Once you’re installed them into the deck flooring, cut off the excess of the support posts based on the height of your deck railing.

2) Prepare the railing beams
Measure the length of the two end posts so that you can prepare the required length of railing beams. Prepare two railing beams at once for both the bottom and top rails! Then drill holes (using a power drill with an aluminum jig) into the beams so that the railing balusters can be inserted.

3) Install the railing beams
First install the bottom rail by attaching it to the support posts. We recommend placing a wood block between the deck flooring and the beam to ensure good alignment. If needed, use wood spacers to offset any alignment issues with the support posts and the railing beams.

Once the bottom rail is attached, insert the railing balusters into the already-prepared holes. Then it’s time to attach the top railing by insert the top end of the balusters into the top railing. Once all the balusters are in, you can align the top railing to support posts and install them.

What decking supplies do you need for installing the railing beams? We recommend wood screws, a power drill, aluminum jig and a clamp to hold the wood in place while you install.

4) Finish off the top railing
You may need to trim and customize the corners of the top rail into a mitered joint, depending on the design of your deck railing. Once the joints are completed, simply drill them in place.
We hope our guide on how to build a deck railing has shown how it is an easy project to take on. Building a deck railing typically takes one day and only requires a few decking supplies. After one day of labor, the reward is an improved the look and feel to your deck that everyone will love!

A deck railing will give you peace of mind about your family’s safety whenever you spend time on your deck, so don’t skimp on it! If you require professional advice on how to build deck railing, contact us at Jordan Lumber and we’ll be happy to help.