Considerations for a Summer Deck

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August 25, 2016
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September 8, 2016

Considerations for a Summer Deck

Summer is the best time for bonding with family members, catching up with friends and enjoying good grub and company at a barbeque. Building a deck in your home can be the perfect addition that makes your summers memorable.


Here are some questions to ask yourself when you’re considering building a deck for summer:


  • What will you use the deck for?

A key consideration is your intended use for the deck. If you plan to use your deck for entertaining, a bigger space would be ideal. Envision your perfect get-together, and that will help you figure out what you require from your outdoor decking area.

During large parties, your guests can either stand around and talk or if there is furniture, they could sit and chat. If you enjoy having barbeques, you would need space for an outdoor grill, and possibly tables to serve the food as well as for people to eat. Perhaps your deck will be mostly for your kids and pets to frolic around during the summer months so you don’t need fancy outdoor furniture or a two-level deck.

Every family and every home has different needs for their deck so what works for your neighbors or friends may not be suitable for you. Think of your life and exactly how you’d like to use your deck, and then select the decking option that work for you.


  • How many people do you want to accommodate on your deck?

If your extended family regularly spends time in your home and would use your deck as their summer hangout place, you would need a larger area! On the other hand, if you don’t foresee organizing a lot of activities and large parties, a small intimate deck would be sufficient for you.


  •  What is the age range of your guests or family & friends?

If kids or older relatives are part of your intended target audience for your deck, safety is a crucial factor. Questions such as the need for deck railing and/or stairs and the height of the deck from the ground become important. Keep in mind the users of your deck when designing it.

 For a kid-friendly deck, the decking material you select is critical. You will want a durable decking option such as Premier Decking By Lowe’s which looks good without requiring a high level of maintenance.


  •  How much space do you have?

It’s important to be realistic about the space you have for your dream deck. There are many design options for outdoor decking, even if you have limited space. If necessary, seek professional advice from a deck builder who can provide you with various decking options to optimize your space.


  • What do you need on your deck?

Do you want to barbeque grill on your deck? Would you like to sit outdoors during your summer parties? Do you imagine long afternoons relaxing in a lounger with a book? Does your dream deck include an outdoor kitchen?


Consider the ideal layout of your deck when coming up with a design for your outdoor decking.


If you’re planning to build a deck, Premier Decking from Lowe’s is an excellent new decking material that combines the great look and feel of real wood with the high durability of composite. Contact us at Jordan Lumber to find out more about this decking option for your dream deck!