What 24″ On Center Really Means for Your Deck Build

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July 22, 2016

What 24″ On Center Really Means for Your Deck Build

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You’ve designed your dream deck, you’ve decided on the deck material and now you’re excited to actually move on to the construction phase of your deck build. If you’re wondering how to build a deck, one of the first steps is laying the foundation and footing.

Laying the foundation for your deck is a crucial process and is integral to the safety of the decking structure. Be sure to check the building code in your area before beginning any work!

Start With The Footing

The first step is laying the footing of your deck.  The number of footings needed depends on the design of your deck and its total load. If you have more footings, then each one need only bear a smaller load.

There are four commonly used types of footing: tube pier, bell pier, buried post and footing, and pier and footing.

Typically, footing is made out of concrete and loaded into the ground to provide enough support for the decking structure. The depth of the footing will depend on the climate where you live as well as the conditions of the soil.


Why 24” On Center Is A Great Option

The layout and spacing of the deck joists must be carefully considered as they play an important role in supporting the deck material. The measurement for joist spacing is referred to as “on center” and it is the length between the center of one joist to the next one. Generally speaking, there are 3 joist spacing that are used in decking construction: 12, 16 or 24 inches on center.

The planning stage of how to build a deck determines which deck material you use and the joist spacing that is necessary for the build. The most commonly used joist spacing is 16” on center for both composite and wood decking material.

Premier Deck is a new decking option that is 25% thicker than other decking boards. This decking material measures 1.25” and is rated 24” on center.

So what are the benefits of 24” on center versus 16” on center? If you select Premier Deck, it requires less time time and money spent on your deck! This is because decking that is 24” on center will need less framing materials compared to decking material that is 16” on center. Less framing materials means lower cost! If you hire a deck building professional, this also translates to lower manpower costs.

In short, with Premier Deck, you get an amazing-looking wood deck in a shorter amount of construction time and at a lower price!

If you have any concerns about how to build a deck, it may be best to seek expert advice. Having a sound foundation means building enough footings and correctly framing the deck material that you have selected.

It is a technical process that requires knowledge about construction and the use of building materials. At Jordan Lumber, the safety of our builds is our top priority. We have years of experience and expertise in building decks and we are happy to provide consultation on your deck build.