5 Reasons To Use 25% Thicker Deck Boards

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July 22, 2016
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5 Reasons To Use 25% Thicker Deck Boards

Lowe's Premier Wood Deck

If your next home improvement project is building a new deck or resurfacing your existing one, the question of what type of decking material to use is an important one.

There are different deck building materials available, and your choice will largely depend on your needs, budget and lifestyle. Typically, decking material comes in two types: composite (such Trex) or real wood. And like most materials, they each come in varying degrees of quality.

If installing a wood deck is your preference, the thickness of the decking material can affect the shelf life of your deck. Premier Decking could be the choice for you! It is 25% thicker than other wood decking material and it combines the benefits of composite decking building material with the look and feel of a wood deck.


Here are 5 reasons to use 25% thicker deck boards


1. They require less foundation

Compared to thinner deck boards, Premier Decking requires less foundation and this cuts down the time and manpower needed to install your wood deck. You can get a great-looking deck in a shorter amount of time, and at a lower cost!


2. They feel better

Premier Decking measures 1.25” and the extra thickness gives a solid feel to your wood deck. If you choose thicker deck boards, you will love how sturdy they feel. Your deck will be perfect for outdoor parties, summer barbeques and spending quality time with family and friends.


3. They are more durable

The durability of a wood deck is one of the key concerns for homeowners. One of the best features of Premier Decking is that it has the same long-lasting quality just like composite deck building materials. Compared to other types of wood deck, Premier Decking is low maintenance. You can enjoy your deck without worrying about constant upkeep!


4. They are distinctive looking

Composite decking materials such as Trex only come in limited colors such as grey and brown. If you want your deck to stand out from the rest, our 25% thicker decking material is the way to go. It comes with a unique pattern and grooves that give your wood deck a fantastic look.


5. They are less likely to cup or crack

Premier Decking is designed with patterns and grooves that allow your wood deck to expand and contract during hot weather. Plus, it comes with an 8-year guarantee of no cracking or cupping. Your deck will have that “new deck” look for longer!


If you want a wood deck, Premier Decking sold exclusively at Lowe’s is the way to go! It is the ideal decking option: it does not require much upkeep, it will last long and your deck will be the envy of all your neighbors! What’s more, you will get limited lifetime warranty protects against rot, decay and wood ingesting insects.

Here at Jordan Lumber, we love building our customers a wood deck that they will absolutely love. Using Premier Decking sold exclusively at Lowe’s, we can give you a deck that looks fantastic and will stay that way for years to come.